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Family Day Care (FDC) is available to parents who live, work or study in Australia and who need reliable, accredited, quality education and care for their children.

Parents do not have to be Australian residents to use a service. Child Care Subsidy (CCS) however, is only paid for children whose parents meet Australian residency and immunisation requirements.

FDC services can provide flexible care, including all-day care, part-time, casual, before and after school care, and care during school holidays.

The service is well placed to provide individualised care for children with additional needs and care for children whose parents work outside of the normal hours that child care is provided. 

Most often there will be a waiting list for Family Day Care services and to ensure the system is fair, the Australian Government has “Priority of Access Guidelines” for allocating places in these circumstances. The guidelines only apply to approved education and care services. They are used when there is a waiting list for an education and care service or when a number of parents are applying for a limited number of vacant places. Every approved child care service has to abide by the guidelines and tell you about them when you enrol your child into care.

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