Who are We?

Polaris Family Day Care provids high quality and professional Family Day Care in Early Childhood Education since May 2016.

Our service is offering families affordable, personalised care by a qualified educators in a safe home environment for learning that will strive to enhance self image while encouraging interactive play and problem solving skills. 

We have qualified educators operating across Sydney. Our head office is based in Silverwater, where all educators can access easily and enables service to offer flexible care options for children aged birth to 12 years.

Our Philosophy

Philosophy of the Service 

Polaris Family Day Care Service strives to provide “excellent” home-based education and care environments where children will be assisted to grow and become confident, included and socially competent members of our community.

We believe early childhood education lays a foundation for their future, maximizes their ability and respects their identity and language. This is acknowledged through Code of Ethics and the Early Years Learning Framework which characterizes children’s lives as belonging, being and becoming. At Polaris Family Day Care, we recognise children belonging to a family, cultural group and wider community. Being is the present and how, together, we can prepare children for the future. Becoming is acknowledged the rapid process of children’s learning and growing.

At Polaris Family Day Care, we recognise that families are children’s first and most influential teachers. We aim to create a welcoming environment through educator’s houses where all children and families are respected and actively encouraged to collaborate with educators about learning experiences which are meaningful to their children. Our aim is to build genuine partnership where we value each other’s knowledge, build mutual respect, trust and communicate freely to engage in shared decision making. Each partnership is unique and will be dependent upon the specific needs, interests and communication styles of every family.

Our Service

Polaris Family Day Care (ABN: 79 851 458 237 / Service Approval: SE-40004135) 


Polaris Family Day Care receives ongoing guidance and support from the Department of Education and Training and the Development of Education.

Family Day Care Service plays the following roles:

  • Register family day care educators.

  • Conduct safety checks in family day care premises and help setting up an educational environment for children

  • Support bilingual education programs and resourses based on approved learning frameworks.

  • Provide ongoing professional training for educators

  • Deliver childcare information, support and administer Child Care Subsidy.

Safety & Security

Ensuring the safety and security of all the children at Polaris Family Day Care is our top priority, and we have taken strict measures to ensure that our infrastructure reflects this philosophy. 

Security starts at the door:  This enables our staff to monitor who drops off and picks up each child and records each child's entry and exit daily. Children are released only to those individuals who have been listed on enrolment records. This is done by using the software and the records of time is automatically sent to the service (office). 

All perimeter and playground gates are locked and monitored so children can enjoy outdoor play safely. Educators are trained in First Aid and CPR. 

We believe safety measures go beyond exterior doors. The safety of our little ones is paramount in our day-to-day world. 

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Suite 2, Unit 5, 8 Avenue of the Americas, Newington NSW 2127

ABN : 79 851 458 237

Service Approval : SE-40004135

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