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Happy Australia Day !!!

: Sunday 26 January 2020

Australia Day is the official national day of Australia.

Celebrated annually on 26 January.

Australia Day celebrations 2020 are coming with more excitement and patriotism. 

The celebrations of Australia Day include fireworks, picnic parties, beach parties, sports competitions, music festivals, and family gatherings, etc. Moreover, all the houses, bazaars, and streets are filled with the Australian flags on this great day.

A number of Australia Day fireworks displays have been cancelled because of the bushfires, these are the ones that have bitten the dust.

Activities in the city and around the harbour

On Australia Day 2020, Sydney will come alive with non-stop entertainment on the water, in the sky and around the foreshore. 

Australia Day in Sydney is an unforgettable experience packed with free and fun activities. Skip through Summer Playground, explore the wonders of Sydney Street Party or treat yourself to a BBQ by the Bridge. Whoever you are, Australia Day is yours to celebrate.

Plan your day to make the most of the variety of activities on offer.

Events in your local area

There will also be loads of events happening in metropolitan Sydney and around regional NSW. Browse local markets and food stalls, join a pool party, or just sit back and enjoy live music and performances.


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