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Dear. Parents

Many of our children’s enrolment appears as pending confirmation, which requires you to confirm the enrolment. With this status you won’t be able to receive CCS you have not confirm your child/ren’s enrolment. However there is a case where you have confirmed the enrolment with the calculation of CCS percentage, but requires you to pay full fee. Regards to this we will wait for a week as there are delays with processing from Centrelink.

Please go to this website and follow the steps to confirm the enrolments.

To check Child Enrolment Status

1. Please download ‘Centrelink’ App in your phone

2. Click Menu button

3. Click ‘Child Care Subsidy’ and check if you have completed all 4 steps

4. Click ‘Enrolments’

5. Then click your child’s name and status will appear. If it appears as CONFIRM then you are done (If the status appears as Pending Eligibility, Disputed or rejected must update/confirm the enrolment)

센터링트에 엔롤 컨펌을 하시지 않으시면 정부 보조를 받으실 수 없습니다.

CCS %와 보조 시간이 있으신데 FULL FEE 로 청구된 경우는 1 주 정도 더 기다리셨다가 센터 선생님께 다시 문의 하시길 바랍니다. 센터링크에서 프로세싱이 늦어질 수 있습니다.

Child Enrolment Status 확인하는 방법

1. Mobile Phone 에 ‘Centrelink’ App 설치

2. 메뉴 버튼 Click

3. ‘Child Care Subsidy’ Click (4 step 을 complete 하신 후에 확인 해주세요)

4. ‘Enrolments’ Click

5. 아이 이름 Click 하면 status 가 CONFIRMED 으로 되면 CCS 완료 입니다.

(Pending Eligibility, Disputed or Rejected 가 되어 있으신 분들은 Enrolment 업데이트를 하세요!)


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