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Child Enrolment Status Check

Dear Parents

s you know, the new Child Care Subsidy commences next Monday (2 July 2018) and it is important that all families complete their Child Care Subsidy assessment to ensure continuity of their child care fee assistance. I urge you to complete their online assessment and confirm all enrolments before 2 July. Please go online via myGov and do it now!

Our records show that you may not have completed your online Child Care Subsidy assessment yet. It is important that you complete all 4 steps in the online form, including confirming your enrolment for each of your children attending our centre. If you have disputed an enrolment you need to go online and confirm the updated enrolment details.

You will need to provide your 2018-19 family income estimate, activity details, your child’s school status and confirm your child’s enrolment. Log on here to complete the form – it will only take a few minutes!

Complete this assessment by 1 July 2018 so that your Child Care Subsidy entitlements can paid to your approved service from 2 July 2018.

You will need to pay full fees to your child care service from 2 July 2018 if you do not complete this assessment by 1 July 2018.

Thank you, in advance, for your assistance.

7월 2일부터 Child Care Subsidy 가 시작됩니다. 아직까지 센터링크에 update 하지 않으신 부모님들께서는 7월 1일까지 update를 마치셔야 합니다. 만약 update가 되지 않으신 분들은 보조금액을 받지 못하시므로 Full Fee를 내셔야 합니다.

Child Enrolment Status 확인하는 방법

1. Mobile Phone에 ‘Centrelink’ App 설치

2. 메뉴 버튼 Click

3. ‘Child Care Subsidy’ Click (4 step을 complete 하신 후에 확인 해주세요)

4. ‘Enrolments’ Click

5. 아이 이름 Click 하면 status가 CONFIRMED으로 되면 CCS완료 입니다.

Pending Eligibility, Disputed or Rejected가 되어 있으신 분들은 Enrolment 업데이트를 하세요!


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